MNRRA Activities

1. Provide Neighborhood Assistance


 Residents volunteer to provide neighbors with all types of assistance and a monthly coordinator assigns volunteers to their respective jobs 

2. Hold a Neighborhood Swim-a-Thon



Once a year, MNRRA holds a community swim-a-thon. Residents solicite pledges from neighbors for each lap they swam. MNRRA donate the event’s proceeds to the Cancer Society

3. Hold a Clothing Drive


Residents put items—both new

and used—in these bins. MNRRA then distributes these items to other

charitable organizations in the area

4. Build and install Park Benches


Find the craftsmen in your community and have them build community park benches with materials provided by the association. 

This saves money and is a great community spirit project both for the volunteers and the enjoyment of the residents

5. Print a community T-shirt


 The back of the shirt reads, “I Love Melrose,” and the front has the community’s logo. Not only does this increase community spirit, but it also generates additional revenue for the association and serves as a marketing tool. 

6. Support local Charities & Schools


A measure of success and contentment can be evaluated in the level of dedication to giving back to the greater community. 

Sharing your time, talents, and financial resources as individuals, small groups, and as a corporate entity is a true reflection of community spirit.